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[ENG TRANSLATION] Mnet T-ara Confession
  • Soyeon: we want to express our thanks to the fans who have supported us all along. It feels like our fans have had to accept many things we are apologetic for. We are very sorry and thankful for their tolerance.
  • Eunjung: The T-ara members are very close and have an inseparable relationship. I don't have many family members and I am an only child, so it feels as if T-ara is my family and and the other memers like real sisters.
  • Hyomin: To be honest, our fans feel worse than Us. We know more than anyone else how this has hurt our fans. There were many misunderstandings in what happened, and many things were actually not what it seemed (from the outside). We have never bullied any members and we did not have a strained relationship with hwayoung. Every time we have activities or performances, honestly until now, thoughts like "things will get better and better" actually is difficult to have. But every day still has to be lived and every stage has to experienced. Everyday we try to forget about what happened, that it is just another stage (in life). So right now in our hearts we only have thoughts to work even harder.
  • Translated from Chinese translation by: kckclalala@twitter


Hyomin - We cherish you T^T (Crying Scene) (By: )

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taemin watching the robot dance

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Hyomin @ T-ara’s Fanclub QUEEN’S Inauguration Ceremony [14072012]

jinki won't stop messing my bias list with: his arms.